Leaked Plans: Google Considers Premium AI Search Model

The Financial Times, citing sources, reports that Google may be contemplating the introduction of an artificial intelligence-based search service through a subscription model, with groundwork on the underlying technology already underway. Google seems to be considering offering a search service based on AI through a paid subscription, but it appears a final decision has not yet been made.

Google Pays Publishers

However, Google has not yet confirmed whether this initiative will serve as a new revenue stream, suggesting that the existing search service experience will remain unaffected for the time being.

Before this, Google had already integrated applications of generative artificial intelligence into its search services, allowing users to intuitively find answers through automatically generated content or to better understand the searched content through images and videos.

Google has stated it does not intend to offer an ad-free search service. Instead, it plans to enhance the user experience of its paid and subscription services through other means.

Beyond integrating artificial intelligence features into its search service, Google is also incorporating AI applications into services like Workspace. For instance, Google Docs can now generate comprehensive reports, summarize lengthy texts, or automatically produce presentation content, while also offering a myriad of generative AI applications through its Gemini AI service.

As for whether to charge for the AI-enhanced search service, Google might consider the potential scrutiny from regulatory bodies like the European Union, concerned about market fairness. Especially in an era where vast amounts of information are accessed through online searches, if Google’s paid service results in users receiving different search outcomes, it could once again be labeled as contributing to a monopolistic market.