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Tor has been released and has fixed various errors in earlier versions of Tor, including errors that may affect reliability or correctness.
This is the first release candidate in the 0.3.2 series, and if there are no new bugs or regression errors found here, the release of the first stable release 0.3.2 will be almost the same.


  • Directory authority changes:
    • Add “Bastet” as a ninth directory authority to the default list. Closes ticket 23910.
    • The directory authority “Longclaw” has changed its IP address. Closes ticket 23592.
    • Remove longclaw’s IPv6 address, as it will soon change. Authority IPv6 addresses were originally added in This leaves 3/8 directory authorities with IPv6 addresses, but there are also 52 fallback directory mirrors with IPv6 addresses. Resolves 19760.
    • Add an IPv6 address for the “bastet” directory authority. Closes ticket 24394.
  • Major features (next-generation onion services):
    • Tor now supports the next-generation onion services protocol for clients and services! As part of this release, the core of proposal 224 has been implemented and is available for experimentation and testing by our users. This newer version of onion services (“v3”) features many improvements over the legacy system, including:

      a) Better crypto (replaced SHA1/DH/RSA1024 with SHA3/ed25519/curve25519)

      b) Improved directory protocol, leaking much less information to directory servers.

      c) Improved directory protocol, with smaller surface for targeted attacks.

      d) Better onion address security against impersonation.

      e) More extensible introduction/rendezvous protocol.

      f) A cleaner and more modular codebase.

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