Thu. Aug 13th, 2020

OnePlus confirms that user information leaked

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OnePlus notifies the latest security bulletin released last night indicated that the company’s security team had monitored unauthorized access and the company is currently investigating the cause of the problem. In this security incident, some users’ order information may be stolen, including the user’s name, shipping address, mobile phone number, and email information.

The financial content of the user’s payment information has not been stolen, so there is no problem with stolen brushing, and the user’s account number and password information are not leaked. But it’s worth noting that hackers may sell stolen user personal information, and these users may receive scam calls or phishing sms and therefore need to pay attention.

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OnePlus security team monitors unauthorized people to access order information of certain users and currently confirms that user account passwords and financial information are safe. However, unauthorized people can access the names, mobile numbers, shipping addresses and emails of certain orders, which means that this information may be stolen. OnePlus has sent an email notification to all affected users, and if the user does not receive an email notification, the user is not affected. At the same time, the company has shared this security incident with relevant law enforcement agencies to conduct investigations, etc., and the internal security team is also troubleshooting the issue.