Office Lens application has now been renamed Microsoft Lens

Microsoft Corporation recently announced a revision and brand upgrade of the original Office Lens application. After the brand upgrade, the new name of the application was changed to Microsoft Lens.

At the same time, the logo of the application has also undergone a brand upgrade. The most important thing is of course the application itself has been revised, and some useful new functions have been added in addition to retaining the original functions.

If you don’t know, Microsoft Lens is a scanning application launched by Microsoft. For example, you can scan paper documents and convert them into spreadsheet data.

In this update, Microsoft has added many new features to the application, such as scanning documents and recognizing text content, scanning documents and converting them into spreadsheets, and so on.

Through this brand upgrade, Microsoft brings customers a brand new scanning experience, allowing you to organize pages, re-edit scans, apply content filters, and more.

It also supports scanning up to hundreds of pages of content and scanning and identifying PDF documents. The scanned content can be saved locally or uploaded directly to the cloud.

You can scan paper or other content to generate documents, spreadsheets, contacts, and even immersive reading, and it also supports scanning QR codes.