Developers have launched a Windows 10X image creation tool

Previously, the leak of the beta version of the Windows 10X system attracted the attention of many netizens because the system is relatively lighter and more flexible in terms of the user interface.

However, the leaked image at the time belonged to the emulator version. It was more troublesome to install it directly on the physical machine. The most important thing was that you needed to use the command-line tool to handle it.

This is basically impossible for inexperienced users to complete the mirroring, so now there are developers who provide us with imaging tools that can integrate drivers.

Of course, even with this tool, it is still somewhat difficult to operate. If you are still willing to try and install it on your physical machine, you can take a look at this tutorial.

This tool was created by @thebookisclosed, which can make Windows 10X version images through the x86 architecture system and also supports driver integration.

The biggest advantage of this tool is that it allows users to operate without using command-line tools, but users still need to download the UUP set of Windows 10X.

The driver is also a difficult point, so the tool will automatically search for the driver of the current system and integrate drivers such as the wireless network card driver into the converted image.

In addition, the tool supports the installation of the Windows 10X version directly on the machine, but this will destroy the existing system, so you need to be very careful when operating it.

You can also choose to deploy only the configuration file or build an image without installing it. Interested users can download the tool by themselves, but it is best not to install it on a physical machine.

In addition, if you are not willing to try, you can also wait for Microsoft to release the Windows 10X image, then you can install it in a virtual or physical machine for a light experience.