Sun. Feb 23rd, 2020

New malware steals personal information through the Discord app

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Recently, a new type of malware called “Spidey Bot” has emerged, which is very dangerous. The malware obtains all personal information of the user, such as password, IP address, email, by modifying the Windows Discord client.

CrescentCore malware

“Malware Notification”by Christoph Scholz is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Not only that, but the malware can also get your device into the back door by copying the first 50 letters entered on the keyboard, which may contain important information such as the most recently used password. Discord is an application designed specifically for the video game community. It’s also a digital platform where players from all over the world can create their own communities.

Sadly, even Discor itself can’t do anything to solve user problems. They said that the only solution to this malware threat was to remove the software, reinstall it, and install professional anti-virus software to protect the computer from malware threats. They also recommend that users try to access the Discord app via their mobile phone and game console instead of the computer.

Via: bleepingcomputer