MX Linux is a desktop-based Linux distribution based on the Debian stable branch

MX Linux 17 Beta 1 released, Debian-based Linux distribution

MX Linux is a cooperative venture between the antiX and former MEPIS communities, using the best tools and talents from each distro. It is a midweight OS designed to combine an elegant and efficient desktop with simple configuration, high stability, solid performance and medium-sized footprint.

MX Linux relies on the excellent upstream work by Linux and the open-source community, deploying Xfce4 as Desktop Environment on top of a Debian Stable base. We draw from the core antiX system and include work and ideas used by Warren Woodford for his MEPIS project. Ongoing backports and outside additions to our repos serve to keep components current with developments.

MX Linux began in a discussion about future options among members of the MEPIS community in December 2013. Developers from antiX then joined them, bringing the ISO build system as well as the Live-USB/DVD technology. The name “MX” was chosen to combine the first letter of Mepis with the last of antiX, thus symbolizing their collaboration. In order to be listed on DistroWatch, MX Linux was presented as a version of antiX. It received its own DistroWatch page as a separate distribution with the release of the first Public Beta of MX-16 on November 2, 2016. Details here; release history here.

The MX-17 Beta 1 image is now available for download and testing.

Beta 1 has the following features:

  • antiX project latest real-time system changes and fixes;
  • Debian (Stretch) latest update;
  • 4.9.0-4 kernel (alphas feature 4.9.0-3);
  • 32-bit ISO has PAE kernel, not PAE;
  • Update packages, including updates for LibreOffice 5.4.1 and mx-apps;
  • mx-tweak replaces mx-defaultlook and provides a one-stop shop for simple synths (Xfce or Compton), panels, and other “tweak” type changes;
  • mx-conky provides a simple way to edit conky files (color changes, etc)
  • mx-network-assistant Replace mx-Broadcom-manager with a generic network troubleshooting tool;
  • mx-tools now has a larger interface;
  • Apt-notifier, including the new topics provided in preferences; misc changes to most other MX applications

For more information, please see the release homepage.

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