GIGABYTE prepares Z790 XTREME X ICE motherboard

A few days ago, a new graphics card by Gigabyte, dubbed the “AORUS RTX 4080 SUPER XTREME X ICE,” was unveiled. It features a primarily white aesthetic with crystal diamond designs added to the side of the card and the center of the fans. A 99% pure gold label, weighing approximately 1.5g±2%, adorns the corner of the card’s rear, engraved with the SKU number of the graphics card. Rumored to have a global limitation of 300 units, this gold label adds an exclusive touch of prestige.

This is not an April Fool’s joke; Gigabyte is genuinely designing new hardware for enthusiasts, adhering to a cohesive design philosophy characterized by a dominant white palette with golden accents. According to VideoCardz, Gigabyte is preparing to launch a motherboard based on the Intel Z790 chipset, named “Z790 XTREME X ICE.”

The Z790 XTREME X ICE is crafted with a palette of white, silver, and gold, featuring even a gold-plated LGA 1700 socket. It includes a semi-transparent, removable plastic cover over the CPU and memory slots. The motherboard sports a unique single PCIe 5.0 x16 slot design and is equipped with a sizable heatsink for SSD cooling. An informative display screen covers the VRM area, showing temperature and frequency data. Notably, all motherboard interfaces are side-mounted, theoretically simplifying cable management.

Like the AORUS RTX 4080 SUPER XTREME X ICE, the Z790 XTREME X ICE is also limited to 300 units worldwide. This likely constitutes a bundle package, which, aside from the motherboard and graphics card, includes a CPU cooler.