Sun. Mar 29th, 2020

OpenMandriva Lx 4.1 releases: GNU/Linux distribution

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OpenMandriva Lx, based on Mandriva and Mandrake code, is an exciting free Desktop Operating System that aims to cater to and interest first time and advanced users alike. It has the breadth and depth of an advanced system but is designed to be simple and straightforward in use.

OpenMandriva Lx comes from a 100% community-driven association that believes in the values of free software & collaboration and whose founding values are development, equality, co-operation, openness, freedom, group achievement, independence, and solidarity.


  • KDE 4.14.3 – default desktop for 2014.x and older
  • Plasma 5 – default desktop since Lx 3 release
  • LXQt
  • Xfce4
  • Wayland support throug Plasma 5, Hawaii desktop and papyros
  • systemd – default initing system
  • LLVM/clang – default compiler (better than gcc), improved speed and memory footprint
  • Calamares – graphical installer
  • Automatic hardware detection
  • ARM v7 and ARM v8 (aarch64) support

OpenMandriva Lx 4.1 releases.


The release includes:
— Kernel 5.5.0
— Qt Framework 5.14.1
— KDE Plasma Desktop 5.17.5, KDE Frameworks 5.66.0, KDE Applications 19.12.1
— LLVM/clang 9.0.1
— systemd 244
— Java 13
— Calamares 3.2.17
— LibreOffice
— Falkon 3.1.0
— Krita 4.2.8
— Kdenlive 19.12.1
— SMPlayer 19.10.2
— DigiKam 7.0.0
— SimpleScreenRecorder 0.3.11
— NX Firewall (replaces firewall-config)

New OpenMandriva brand-name applications entered the ISO packages list:
— Desktop Presets (om-feeling-like)
Tool to customize the appearance of your OpenMandriva Plasma desktop to look and feel similar to other systems you may be used to
— Update Configuration (om-update-config)
Tool for configuring automatic updates

Also available in the repositories:
— OpenMandriva clang compiled kernel, named kernel-release-clang. User can install same version of kernel-release and kernel-release-clang for comparison
— Firefox 72.0.2
— Chromium browser 79.0.3945.130
— Virtualbox 6.1.2
— Thunderbird 68.4.1
— Gimp 2.10.14
— Zypper as alternative package manager
— Alternative desktops available for testing

OMLx 4.1 now supports package compression in zstd instead of .xz. Ffmpeg supports av1 decoding via dav1d and nvdec/nvenc for NVIDIA gpu. And chromium now includes VAAPI (hardware decoding video h264 / vp9) support.

Also available a version specifically for current AMD processors (Ryzen, ThreadRipper, EPYC) that outperforms the generic version by taking advantage of new features in those processors.