MX Linux 18.3 released, Debian-based Linux distribution

MX Linux

MX Linux is a cooperative venture between the antiX and former MEPIS communities, using the best tools and talents from each distro. It is a midweight OS designed to combine an elegant and efficient desktop with simple configuration, high stability, solid performance and medium-sized footprint.

MX Linux relies on the excellent upstream work by Linux and the open-source community, deploying Xfce4 as Desktop Environment on top of a Debian Stable base. We draw from the core antiX system and include work and ideas used by Warren Woodford for his MEPIS project. Ongoing backports and outside additions to our repos serve to keep components current with developments.

MX Linux began in a discussion about future options among members of the MEPIS community in December 2013. Developers from antiX then joined them, bringing the ISO build system as well as the Live-USB/DVD technology. The name “MX” was chosen to combine the first letter of Mepis with the last of antiX, thus symbolizing their collaboration.

MX Linux

The MX-18.3 image is now available for download.


Updated packages

The latest updates from Debian 9.9 (stretch), antiX and MX repos.

New and updated mx-apps

mx-installer (based on gazelle-installer): The installer workflow has been reworked to allow the user to enter system configuration selections while the major system copy is proceeding, speeding up the actual installation time for the user. This is in addition to the encryption cipher options and select-able ESP install location that were previously added. Improvements to the UEFI boot installation routines have been added as well, along with a ton of of other bug fixes. Special thanks to chkboom/AK-47 for the heavy lifting reworking the installer and to fehlix for the improved UEFI boots on troublesome machines.

The kernel has been updated to 4.19.37-2 (linux-image-4.9.0-5 debian package name). So-called “zombieload” patches are included. Existing users can change kernels with the kernels section of MX-PackageInstaller->Popular Apps if they wish.

The MX Manual

Updated mx-manual with revised sections and screenshots, especially pertaining to the installer.

The antiX live-USB system

All the antiX live-USB features, including persistence (up to 20GB!) and remaster.
Significant improvements to the live-usb-maker system. (Special thanks to fehlix & BitJam for the work on live-usb-maker.)

Improved localization

Thanks to Old Giza and the Translation team, we continue translation refreshes for many mx applications (we love translators!)