Wed. Aug 12th, 2020

Microsoft Planner uses new icon

1 min read

Microsoft continues to push the icon adjustments for Office 365 applications. As pointed out by Aggiornamenti Lumia, Microsoft Planner has received a new icon using the same design language as PowerPoint, OneNote, Teams and Yammer. The old Microsoft Planner icon is three overlapping villains with a “√” checker graphic at the top, while the new version uses green cubes of different depths to form a P-like layout.

Obviously Microsoft wants all Office 365 tools to use uniform icons. Although not as intuitive as Word, PowerPoint, this new icon represents the initial “P” of Microsoft Planner. This is similar to “O” in Outlook, “W” in Word, “T” in the team, and “S” in Sharepoint. The Sway, Delve, Flow icon in the Office 365 dashboard has not been updated to this new design language.

Via: onmsft