Sun. Jun 7th, 2020

Mozilla introduces Private Network extension for Firefox

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Mozilla announced that it will re-launch the Test Pilot project. The company said that unlike the previous version of Test Pilot, this time will be more complete, essentially a beta version of the product before the public release.

Right now, the company has selected several products to be launched in the upcoming Test Pilot. At the same time, Mozilla also launched a new extension called Firefox Private Network. Through it, Mozilla will establish a secure, encrypted network connection environment for users.

Mozilla Firefox 69

How it works

Firefox Private Network is on

Use Firefox as usual, and your online activity will be encrypted and sent through a proxy service provided by our partner Cloudflare.

Firefox Private Network needs your attention

Select the icon, and you’ll see a message letting you know if there is a problem with your connection or reminding you to log in.

Firefox Private Network is off

Your Firefox activity will route directly to the network you are connected to and will not be encrypted or sent through the Private Network proxy service.

Mozilla will bring more projects to Test Pilot. Currently, Firefox Private Network will only be open to US users who have a Firefox account and use the desktop version of Firefox. Mozilla said it will officially announce the product after it is ready to reach other markets and other platforms.