Sun. Feb 23rd, 2020

Apple iOS 13 will be pushed on September 19

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After Apple released iOS 13 on WWDC and ran multiple betas in the past summer, the new software is now ready for all users. Apple announced that it will release the official version of iOS 13 on Thursday, September 15. It should be noted that the new iPad will be pre-installed with iPadOS.

iOS 13 concept

iOS 13 and iPadOS offer a host of new features, including the dark mode, the new volume HUD interface, QuickPath swipe typing, Memoji customization and redesigned apps like reminders, mail, music, maps, files, find me and many more.

iPadOS also has its specific features that make the iPad experience to a new level, such as improved multitasking, mouse support, desktop browsing, iPad as Sidecar’s secondary Mac display and more.

In addition, the release date of iOS 13.1 has also been determined to be September 30, iOS 13.1 will be improved for shortcut automation, HomeKit, and Home applications, and will also optimize the volume HUD interface, home-sharing options for personal hotspot settings, AirDrop device icons And details such as accessibility USB mouse support.