Fri. Jun 5th, 2020

Microsoft plans to change Windows Defender name on Windows 10

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Microsoft is pushing its anti-virus software to more platforms. Calling it Windows Defender is no longer meaningful. It seems that Microsoft will rename Windows Defender on Windows 10 to Microsoft Defender. These changes may appear in Windows 10 20H1.

The Windows Defender brand changes reflect Microsoft’s latest cross-platform security, initially in March 2019, when the company launched anti-virus software for macOS on its own behalf. In the Windows 10 20H1 Build 18941, the names of some Windows Defender components have changed. Windows Defender Exploit Guard provides intrusion prevention for Windows 10 and is now called Microsoft Defender Exploit Guard.

There are already users who have found a folder called “Microsoft Defender Antivirus” and “Microsoft Defender Exploit Guard” in Group Policy. Other features such as Windows Defender Applications Guard have not been renamed, but sooner or later all Windows Defender services will start using the Microsoft brand. In the support documentation, Microsoft Defender Exploit Guard is still known as Windows Defender Exploit Guard.

Obviously, Microsoft wants to use its company name for services on multiple platforms. For example, Microsoft’s Android app launcher is called Microsoft Launcher. Similarly, Microsoft uses the Microsoft brand for antivirus solutions for macOS.

Via: ghacks