October 24, 2020

iOS 14 will reset the default browser and default mail settings after reboot

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Yesterday, Apple announced the launch of the official versions of iOS 14 and iPadOS 14. Compared with the previous version, this version brings gadgets and resource libraries and improves privacy policy.

At the same time, Apple has also opened up the default applications of some commonly used services. For example, browsers and mail applications can now set other applications as default applications.

In terms of browsers, Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and DuckDuckGo have all been updated and can be used as the default browser for iOS 14.

Microsoft Outlook mail application has also been updated and can be set as the default mail application, which should be a good thing for users who frequently use such applications.

After updating, some users found that iOS 14 will reset the default application if they restart, for example, setting other applications as the default browser will be reset to Safari after reboot.

After setting Outlook as the default email, restarting iOS 14 will also be reset to the default Apple email. At present, many users have reported this problem.

After the user report, the Google engineer also confirmed that the default settings of the Google browser will also be reset, but the Google engineer does not think it is a problem with the Google browser itself.

That is to say, this problem is likely to be a bug in iOS 14, which causes the system to automatically reset the user settings to the default after each restart.

It is worth noting that it is not clear whether it is a bug or a feature to reset the default application after a restart. After all, this may also be intentional by Apple in the development.

Via: 9to5mac