September 26, 2020

iOS 14 added support for encrypted drives

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Apple officially released iOS 14 at the WWDC Developers Conference earlier this month. Compared with the existing iOS, iOS 14 has made more product updates, and the overall use efficiency has become higher.

Today, some media found that iOS 14 actually supports the reading of encrypted storage devices that the old iOS version has not supported.

iOS 13.3.1

Of course, please note that iOS only supports reading encrypted storage devices with the file format APFS. If you are using encrypted storage devices with other file formats, you must first back up the files in the device and format the device to the APFS file format. At the same time, we believe that when the official version of iOS 14 is released, it will no longer add support for encrypted storage devices in other file formats.

Since iPadOS and iOS have similar functions, you can also find that iPadOS 14 also supports reading encrypted storage devices, which makes iPadOS 14 becoming more and more productive.

However, as Apple announced that macOS will be fully converted to the ARM platform, it will become increasingly impossible for iPad to run mac platform applications in the future.

Via: appleinsider