Fri. Jul 10th, 2020

Windows 10 Insider channels is available

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We have previously mentioned that Microsoft will change the name of the Windows 10 beta version, the previous fast channel and slow channel names have become the development version and beta version. The reason given by Microsoft for changing the channel name is to allow users to better understand.

Microsoft has already deployed updates on the back-end servers, and the channels currently selected by beta users will be changed to new names one after another. Of course, the channels will not change.

If the user feels that it is necessary to adjust, he can also go to the settings update and security to switch himself. The channel after the switch corresponds to the changed channel.

Of course, based on stability considerations, we are still not recommended for users to use the beta version on physical machines and main equipment to prevent certain problems from affecting normal use.

When Microsoft introduced Windows Insider five years ago, it required users to choose the fast or slow rings, in which the frequency of quick-change was faster but the stability was relatively poor.

Although the change frequency of the slow loop is relatively slow, the stability is better. At the same time, users can also experience the new features and functional improvements brought by the beta version.

Over the years, Microsoft is changing the way it builds and distributes Windows 10. Microsoft adjusts these methods and attempts to develop multiple versions of different cycles in parallel.

For example, in 2019, Microsoft’s fast ring developed version 20H1, the slow ring tried version 19H2, and the release preview channel test was 19H1 version.

Microsoft believes that this development method has surpassed the original concept of the ring. For this reason, Microsoft decided to shift the focus from the previous change frequency to the changing quality of the version.

Users do not need to consider the frequency of change but choose which version is suitable for them, and at the same time, no matter which version is used, they will receive frequent updates in the future.