Fri. Jul 10th, 2020

Mali GPUs will update the independent driver through the Google Play

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Previously Qualcomm and Google announced that they will release independent display drivers through Google Play. This update method is a huge improvement for mobile devices.

In the past, this type of display driver mainly relied on the Android system version change to release updates, and the slower Android system version change rate has been unable to meet the development needs.

Especially as the performance of mobile display chips becomes stronger and stronger, manufacturers and game developers need to adapt and release drivers that are more suitable for popular games in a timely manner.

In short, this update method has a huge help on the display performance of mobile devices. Now ARM has also announced a similar strategy to improve the performance of display chips.

ARM Mali GPUs will also update drivers through Google Play. Mali GPU is a mobile display chipset series developed and designed by ARM. It uses a 3D display engine to load images into the cache and then the display core processes the data.

ARM said that the company is now ready to provide independent drivers for Mail GPU. If there is no accident, it will soon release an update through Google Play.

At that time, the supported GPUs will see the Google Play update reminder. It is a little regret that ARM did not disclose which chipset supports independent display drivers, but new chips such as Mali G78 definitely support.

Via: XDA