Sun. Mar 29th, 2020

Google Play can be fully installed and worked properly on Huawei MATE 30

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Due to the list of regulated entities, Huawei MATE 30 is unable to pass Google certification and provide Google series services in overseas markets. For Android users outside China, installing the Google Play is the first thing, and also need to install other services to maintain the normal operation of the relevant data synchronization. For Huawei, there is no way to pre-install the Google series of applications, so Huawei also said that if the ban is lifted, Huawei can quickly help users install Google services.

Huawei mate 30 google play

Although Huawei Mate 30 does not directly pre-install Google Play and services, this does not mean that users cannot manually download and install the Google apps. According to Pro Android reports, they successfully installed all Google series services which include Google Play, Google Service Core Library, Google Service Framework, Google Service Platform, GMS Map Component, and Google Communications Synchronization Service. The Google apps that have been tested and installed through Google Services Assistant are fully functional, and there is no problem downloading and installing apps from Google Play.

Interested users can click here to download Google Play.