Fri. Aug 7th, 2020

Google has modified the AOSP policy and Android will become more open

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Google recently revised its policy on AOSP, the Android open source project. In the future, AOSP will become more independent and become more open, and will not be so strictly controlled by Google.

Google developers released a new tool at the Android Developer Summit last week, the Continuous Integration dashboard, which makes it easier for third-party developers to get involved in AOSP development and has the opportunity to grow on Android.

Using the tool, the AOSP team ran GSI on the Project Treble partner device, and Android team AOSP developer Jeff Bailey pointed out “AOSP has been around for more than 10 years and visibility into the project has often been restricted to the Android Team and Partners. A lot of that has been rooted in business needs: we want to have fun things to show off at launches and the code wasn’t factored in a way that let us do more in the open”.

The Continuous Integration Dashboard currently includes sections such as AOSP_ARM64, build_test, NDK, and SDK.

Via: SlashGear