Google is developing Google Pixel Flip smartphone like Google Galaxy Flip

Alongside the unveiling of the Pixel Fold, which adopts a horizontal folding design, Google stated it had no plans to introduce a vertically folding device akin to Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip. However, it appears internal preparations are underway for such a product.

According to Twitter user @hyacokr_itnyang, Google’s vertically folding device will be christened Pixel Flip, anticipated to debut in 2024. The device will incorporate the next-generation Tensor G3 processor, with a price tag expected to be lower than the $1,799 for the Pixel Fold.

Google Flip

Such speculation stems from the fact that most mobile phone manufacturers, including Samsung, OPPO, Huawei, and Vivo, following the introduction of horizontal folding devices, often unveil vertically folding phones that are comparatively more affordable and offer an experience closer to conventional upright phones, such as Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip series and OPPO’s Find N2 Flip.

At the moment, it remains uncertain what specific details Google’s planned vertically folding device will encompass. It may potentially serve to fill a lower price point product line relative to the Pixel Fold, thus attracting more consumers and promoting the widespread adoption of foldable screen phones.