Apple additionally applied for the registration of the “XrProOS” name trademark

Following Apple’s recent application for the registration of the name ‘xrOS‘ through its agency Deep Dive LLC in various countries and regions, it was reported that it has likewise applied to register the trademark ‘xrProOS‘ in Argentina, Turkey, the Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom, also via Deep Dive LLC.

At present, it remains uncertain whether Apple will definitively use ‘xrOS’ as the nomenclature for the forthcoming operating system designed for its imminent virtual reality headsets, and whether ‘xrProOS’ is merely a preemptive trademark registration to forestall others from claiming it.

Previous rumors suggested that Apple plans to unveil its virtual reality headset during WWDC 2023, along with the announcement of ‘xrOS,’ an operating system based on iOS and tailored for virtual reality headsets. This platform would allow developers to port apps used on iPad devices to ‘xrOS’ and utilize them in a virtual reality format.

On another front, Apple’s forthcoming virtual reality headset, projected to be named ‘Reality Pro,’ will initially target the commercial market, as opposed to the general consumer market. Its positioning may be akin to Microsoft’s HoloLens, with a primary focus on applications such as data research, skills training, or business presentations.

In further rumors, Apple plans to provide dedicated versions of Apple Maps and iMessage services within the mixed reality headset, along with an App Store feature that will enable third-party companies to develop more applications for the device, thereby enhancing the richness of its operating experiences. Apple will also provide developers with relevant tools and resources to facilitate the creation of appropriate apps.