Apple applied to register the name “XrOS” in New Zealand

Following previous reports that Apple, through its proxy company Deep Dive LLC, had applied for the registration of the name ‘xrOS’ in various global territories, the company has once again secured the ‘xrOS’ trademark through its proxy with the New Zealand Intellectual Property Office. This title is expected to be designated to the operating system announced at WWDC 2023, as well as to the virtual reality wearable devices.

Notably, both Twitter user @ParkerOrtolani and Bloomberg News reporter Mark Gurman have discovered that Apple, discreetly via its proxy, has obtained the ‘xrOS’ trademark from the New Zealand Intellectual Property Office. This moniker is anticipated to be used for the operating system and the virtual reality wearable devices set to be unveiled at WWDC 2023.

According to prior speculation, Apple’s mixed reality headset could debut as early as 2023, potentially under the name ‘Reality Pro’. Initially, the device will target the commercial market, rather than the general consumer market, implying a higher overall price point. Its positioning may resemble that of Microsoft’s HoloLens, with a primary focus on data research, skills training, or business presentations among other application scenarios.

In additional rumors, Apple plans to offer dedicated versions of Apple Maps, iMessage, and other services within its mixed-reality headset. It also intends to include App Store service functionality, enabling third-party providers to develop more applications for the device, thereby enriching the user experience. Furthermore, Apple is expected to provide developers with relevant tool resources, facilitating the creation of corresponding apps.