October 29, 2020

Google Chrome 71 will support Dark mode on macOS only

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Many Android enthusiasts are fans of the original dark mode. Some of Google’s latest Material Theme has adopted dark mode. The YouTube and Android built-in messaging app is the newest case, and it seems that another critical application, Google Chrome, may also appear in dark mode, but it is likely to start on macOS first.

Apple added a feature in macOS 10.14 that allows users to choose a system-wide light or dark theme. Switching the system to dark mode flips all compatible applications to dark tones. Chrome for macOS does not currently support this feature, but it seems to be in preparation.

chrome dark mode macos

The recent Chrome title submitted on macOS with the “Add command line switch to force dark mode.” link allows project members to discuss adding dark mode.

According to the report, it is too late to add this feature to Chrome 70, which may be included in 71. Chrome 71 is expected to reach a stable channel on December 4. But one trick is that the dark mode UI looks like stealth mode, which can easily lead to confusion, developers must find a different way to distinguish them, or rely on the Incognito icon.

The system-wide native dark mode is undoubtedly a cool feature of macOS, and of course, many people want to see it on Android.

Via: xda-developers