Sat. May 30th, 2020

Quirky Linux 8.7.1 release, Linux distro

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Quirky Linux is a sister project of Puppy Linux, a Linux distribution created with a custom tool called Woof. The underlying infrastructure, such as startup and shutdown scripts, preparation tools, hardware detection, desktop management, user interface, acceleration and general ease of use management, are common to all distributions created with Woof, however, a special creation will have a different set of package selection and further customization (even a completely different binary package).

Quirky was developed by the founders of Puppy Linux and Woof to challenge the limits and try some new ideas on underlying infrastructure – and some of them may be radical or bizarre, as the Quirky name suggests.

Changelog v8.7.1

Quirky Linux 8.7.1 is the first in the “Beaver” series, binary-compatible with x86_64 Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS, though built with woofQ and architecturally very different from Ubuntu.
Quirky is an experimental distribution, that forked from Puppy Linux a few years ago, and has followed a different path, exploring some new ideas. Continuing the Puppy tradition, Quirky has a “complete” suite of applications, drivers and utilities, in a very small size.
Version 8.7.1 is very similar to 8.6, but with a complete upgrade of package versions. The kernel is now 4.18.9. “