Fri. Aug 7th, 2020

Google may distribute an Android system update through Google Play Store

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As reported in the previous two days, Google has begun testing the new Android system update distribution system, which relies on the Google Play store rather than the built-in update feature of each device. The latest Android Q beta update for Google Pixel is now available from the Google Play Store, just like a typical app update.

Android Q Beta

Android uses different update mechanisms for applications and operating systems. While firmware and system updates are sent to the device through a dedicated update tool implemented and customized by each manufacturer, app updates are provided through the Google Play Store and managed by Google.

According to androidpolice, an android full system update can also distribute through the Google Play store. This technically means that operating system updates can be released to Android devices faster than before, but it remains to be seen how Google will manage the carrier and manufacturer policies for each update.

The timely update of the Android system is one of the biggest problems of the platform. OEMs usually release system updates and monthly security patches after weeks or even months after Google provides updates to its devices.

Through the Google Play Store model, the search giant can try to solve this problem, but it is certainly interesting to know how this strategy is consistent with other manufacturers’ plans. Google IO Developers Conference in May will share more details with developers.