October 25, 2020

Google added the feature of biometric verification in Chrome 86

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Yesterday, Google pushed the Chrome 86 version update for all platforms. The main update of the desktop version of Chrome 86 is to restrict some unsafe behaviors that may occur on the https secure page.

For example, the current desktop version of Chrome 86 can prevent users from downloading insecure content from the https secure page, and it will also detect whether the form used by the https page to submit information to the user is secure. If it is not secure, Chrome 86 will also prevent the user from submitting the form. Basically, it avoids the insecure phenomenon that most https secure pages may produce and also provides the function of quickly modifying the user’s leaked password.

The mobile version of Chrome 86 has also made major security upgrades. When iPhone and Android users use the Chrome 86 site auto-fill password function, the user is now required to pass biometric verification to confirm whether it is the owner. The device does not have Face ID, Touch ID, or Android fingerprint recognition function, so the owner can also complete the filling by entering the PIN code of the device.

Hidden Chrome Features

In the previous mobile version of Chrome 86, biometric verification was only required when the user actively checked the saved account password, and now login to the website also requires verification. Although it is somewhat inconvenient, it is more secure.

At the same time, the Android version of Chrome 86 has a new feature released on the desktop version at the beginning of this year, which is the “enhanced safe browsing mode”. This feature is more secure because it will transmit the content you are browsing to Google in real-time so that Google is aware of the security of this website and tells you whether the link is safe before you click on the site link.

Google also announced that the mobile version of Chrome 87 will bring the existing “password leak check function” on the desktop version, which can show whether your password has been leaked.