Galaxy S25 series will have “Battery AI” technology

Samsung has introduced AI capabilities into its flagship models for the first time with the Galaxy S24 series, positioning it as a key selling point. Previous reports have indicated robust market performance for the Galaxy S24, attributing much of its success to these AI features. Recently, according to a report by wccftech, Samsung plans to implement “AI Battery Management” technology in its next flagship, the Galaxy S25 Ultra. This technology reportedly allows the phone to last 10% longer on a single charge without increasing the battery size, maintaining the same 5,000mAh battery used in the previous generation.

Galaxy S24

The source of this information, a blogger known as PandaFlash, is currently inaccessible. Samsung has named this technology “Battery AI,” which purportedly extends the operating time of smartphones without compromising performance. Under the same battery capacity, the duration of phone usage could increase by 5-10%.

Readers familiar with electronics will recognize that nearly all brands of smartphones or computers feature software that manages battery power, but these often reduce the performance of the CPU and GPU, a necessary trade-off for energy conservation. The report suggests that “Battery AI” might manage this by eliminating unnecessary background tasks to extend battery life.

Interestingly, while wccftech mentions that the leaker did not specifically state that “Battery AI” would appear in the Galaxy S25 series, much of their posts focus on Samsung’s upcoming flagship products. Given that “Galaxy AI” is currently a major feature promoted by Samsung, wccftech speculates that “Battery AI” is likely to be incorporated into the Galaxy S25 series.