Cyberattack Cripples Agricultural Machinery Giant Lemken

On May 11, a large-scale cyberattack targeted the agricultural machinery manufacturer Lemken, affecting all the company’s international branches. To prevent further breaches, the decision was made to immediately shut down all IT systems and engage external specialists.

Lemken specializes in producing equipment for soil cultivation, seeding, and plant protection. Founded in 1780, the company has a long history and is a leader in its industry.

Production is currently halted, but office staff can work remotely. Key contacts at Lemken remain accessible via email and mobile communication.


CEO Anthony van der Ley stated that the company is making every effort to analyze the incident’s impact with the support of specialists and in cooperation with the state criminal police office. Work is also underway to create a new IT infrastructure. “Our internal processes are currently operating in emergency mode. Our business partners were promptly informed about the incident,” he noted. “Initial analyses indicate that our clients’ data remained unaffected thanks to robust security systems.”

Employees have been warned about potential scams following the attack and urged to exercise vigilance online.

It cannot be said that Lemken was unprepared for the attack: extensive cybersecurity mechanisms were already in place within corporate networks, and the cybersecurity department had detailed instructions for such incidents, which proved to be quite effective. The company expects that with the help of its experienced IT team and external specialists, the first systems will be restored within a few days.

“Of course, in the coming days, our daily operations will be significantly hindered. We hope for the understanding of our clients, business partners, and suppliers regarding any potential inconveniences,” added Anthony van der Ley.

Lemken is confident that its efforts will minimize the impact and enable a swift return to normal operations.