Granite Rapids and Sierra Forest both have a maximum TDP of 500W

Yesterday, details were revealed about several models of the Granite Rapids-AP processor within the Xeon 6 series, and today more extensive information has surfaced, including a plethora of models and specifications for both Granite Rapids and Sierra Forest.

The news originates from @Yuuki_Ans, beginning with the Granite Rapids segment. This processor is the successor to the current fifth-generation Xeon processor, Emerald Rapids, featuring Redwood Cove cores, which are the same P-Cores used in the current Meteor Lake processors. The maximum number of cores has doubled from 64 to 128 cores. Specifically, the Granite Rapids-AP models discussed yesterday are the four Xeon models 6980P, 6979P, 6972P, and 6960P, which boast 128, 120, 96, and 72 cores respectively, with a TDP up to 500W.

For Granite Rapids-SP, the maximum core count is 56, with versions also available with 44 and 32 cores. The 56-core model features an L3 cache capacity of 288MB, and the 44-core version has 176MB. The SP processors have a TDP of 350W.

Sierra Forest, which utilizes a full E-Core design, also differentiates between SP and AP models, though it seems there is only one AP model with 288 cores and a TDP of 500W. The SP models range from 64 to 144 cores, with TDP starting at 205W and reaching up to 350W.

The corresponding platform code for the Xeon 6 processors is Birch Stream, where SP chips will use the LGA 4710 socket and AP chips will utilize the larger LGA 7529 socket. Granite Rapids will offer configurations ranging from single to eight-way platforms, supporting up to 12-channel memory, providing up to 136 PCIe 5.0 lanes, and supporting CXL 2.0. Various combinations of chips will be available, including single compute chips, dual compute chips, and up to three compute chips. Intel is expected to release a substantial number of SKUs following the launch of Sierra Forest.