Firefox Beta now support for Windows 10 ARM64

As early as December last year, Qualcomm announced at its Snapdragon Technology Summit that both Chromium and Firefox will enter the ARM system as native applications. Although the Chromium version is not yet ready, Firefox, which natively supports the ARM64 version, appears on the Firefox nightly channel in less than a month.

Mozilla give up Gecko

Today, Mozilla announced that users can now browse the web using the ARM 64 platform on the beta channel. Built on Firefox Quantum, this version effectively uses multiple processes to increase speed.

Mozilla wrote,

Today’s release builds on the performance work done for Firefox Quantum, which uses multiple processes as efficiently as possible. Working with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon compute platform, we’re able to push the multi-core paradigm one step further, offering octa-core CPUs. We’re also taking advantage of Rust’sfearless concurrency to intelligently divide browsing tasks across those cores to deliver a fast, personal, and convenient experience.

To try the ARM64-native build of Firefox on Windows beta version, you can download it here.