ENERMAX releases LIQMAXFLO series of integrated liquid-cooling radiators

ENERMAX has unveiled its LIQMAXFLO and LIQMAXFLO SR series of integrated liquid cooling solutions. The former is adorned with fans boasting RGB illumination, while the latter is paired with silent fans featuring a non-illuminated design. This marks ENERMAX’s pioneering effort in incorporating a fan into the water block, enhancing its cooling efficiency.

The LIQMAXFLO and LIQMAXFLO SR series introduce a novel dual-chamber water block design, the Dual-Chamber Xtreme Pump, amalgamated with ENERMAX’s patented SCT (Shunt Channel Technology) to expedite thermal conduction, yielding exceptional cooling results. Compared to its predecessor, the flow rate has been amplified by 20%, and water pressure by 30%, resulting in a marked improvement in cooling capabilities. The water block houses a 6cm ARGB fan, capable of reaching a peak velocity of 3000 RPM. This ensures optimal airflow circulation, accelerating the cooling of the CPU (a reduction of approximately 4°C per 100W) and concurrently aids in reducing the temperature of surrounding CPU components (a decrease of around 20°C).

The LIQMAXFLO series is paired with a newly designed fan that seamlessly marries ring-shaped RGB illumination with a distinctive square frame protected under a recent U.S. patent. With its meticulously calibrated blade angle and five 3mm-thick blades, it incorporates a magnetic serial connection, eliminating the tedious process of cable management. For the LIQMAXFLO series, ENERMAX has opted for a 38mm-thick radiator, as opposed to the standard 27mm. This allows for a greater volume of coolant, complemented by a 400mm coolant tube, to achieve unparalleled thermal management. Furthermore, ENERMAX graciously includes an additional 100ml of coolant in the package for user replenishment.

The LIQMAXFLO series is available in 240mm, 360mm, and 420mm configurations, while the LIQMAXFLO SR series offers 120mm, 240mm, and 360mm variants with the conventional 27mm-thick radiator.