Cash-moving company Prosegur attacked by Ryuk Ransomware

Recently, the Spanish cash transfer company Prosegur issued a press statement stating that its network had been attacked by Ryuk Ransomware, resulting in a brief interruption of its services.  It is understood that Prosegur started its business in 26 countries and started to engage in the cash transportation business 60 years ago. Start with Spain and Portugal before expanding their trade lines to Latin America, Europe, and Asia. It is one of the largest securities companies in Spain and the first company listed on the Madrid Stock Exchange.

The multinational company’s main business is providing armored vehicles and services, transferring cash to banks and other financial institutions in Europe, Latin America, North America, and Asia. As Ryuk ransomware maliciously encrypts files, the company’s digital business on four continents has been disrupted and may take a week or two to recover.

The company announced after RYUK ransomware took over its IT infrastructure that all of its internal and external systems were affected, including its website, which has been closed for a total of 8 hours.