Fri. Aug 14th, 2020

Firefox introduces Web Replay tool for web developers

1 min read

In the latest Firefox Nightly channel version update for the macOS platform, Mozilla has launched a new developer tool called ” Firefox Replay.” “Web Replay is a project to allow Firefox content processes to record their behavior, replay it later, and rewind to earlier states. Replaying processes preserve all the same JS behavior, DOM structures, graphical updates, and most other behaviors that occurred while recording. The browser’s JS debugger can be used to inspect and control the replay.” With this tool, developers can record the content of the page during the debugging process.

At present, developers can use Web Replay in the Firefox Nightly channel version of the macOS platform, but this feature is still in the Beta state in the MDN web document description, and some features are still considered pre-alpha. Because this feature is still in its early stage, users need to manually enable Firefox Replay by going to the developer tools and clicking “Enable Replay” in the settings. After selecting Enable, the Record button will appear in the developer tools.