ASUS and ASRock to launch new AM5 workstation motherboards

Renowned German overclocking enthusiast Der8auer recently showcased AMD’s new AM5 workstation motherboards, featuring the B665 chipset, including ASUS’ Pro WS 665-ACE and ASRock’s Rack B6654DU-1L, the former being an ATX form factor, while the latter is Micro-ATX. These motherboards are primarily designed for 65W Ryzen 7000 series CPUs, resulting in relatively simple power delivery implementations.

To enhance the compatibility of server CPU coolers and chassis, the CPU sockets on these motherboards have been rotated 90 degrees, which will also alter some aspects of the motherboard’s circuit design. Similar designs are typically employed in server and workstation platforms, where the 90-degree rotation enables the use of elongated server cooling solutions. Many servers and workstations even incorporate passive cooling designs, relying on airflow generated by case fans for CPU cooling. Compared to conventional CPU coolers, these server coolers have longer contact times with the air-cooled fins, dissipating more heat and lowering temperatures by 2 to 3 degrees Celsius.

Another advantage of this motherboard layout is the relocation of DDR5 DIMM slots from the side to the top, promoting a more consistent airflow direction within the case. This not only benefits the CPU cooler but also aids in memory cooling. Der8auer installed the ASUS Pro WS 665-ACE motherboard in a case, demonstrating the differences brought about by the design changes.

Details regarding the B665 chipset remain unclear, but it is likely built upon the B650 chipset with alterations depending on the workloads. As a more affordable alternative to specialized server and workstation hardware, these motherboards may not be part of the EPYC or Threadripper Pro product lines, and their lower prices will be welcomed in small, custom-designed workstations and servers.