Fri. Aug 14th, 2020

Apple released watchOS 6 Golden Master version

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Apple today released the watchOS 6 Golden Master version, which is the GM version. If there are no major vulnerabilities, watchOS 6 GM is the official version of watchOS 6.

Health and fitness

The maintenance of hearing health has a positive impact on the quality of life, and studies have shown that hearing loss is associated with decreased cognitive ability. With the best position on the wrist of the Apple Watch, the Noise app helps users understand the level of sound in environments such as concerts and sports events that may have a negative impact on hearing. As the sound level changes, the Apple Watch moves in real-time. According to the World Health Organization, watches can be notified if the decibel level reaches 90 decibels.

watchOS 6

“watchOS: A New Horizon” by Jake Sworski is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0

App Store and Apps

watchOS 6 brings the App Store directly to the Apple Watch for the first time. Users can easily install third-party applications, use the Siri and view the application product page designed for the watch screen directly from the wrist. Developers can build Apple Watch-only apps that work independently on Apple Watch without an iOS app.

watchOS 6 introduces a dynamic new dial and customization options that provide more personalization and access to your favorite apps, contacts, and information. These include Modular Compact, a Gradient watch face, and Solar Dial watch face.

New developer tools include audio APIs for streaming music, broadcasts and podcasts, and extended runtime APIs for session-based tasks such as physiotherapy and meditation, Core ML now available on Apple Watch Series 4 Apple Neural Engine, which processes input on the device faster. The popular voice memo app is now available on Apple Watch.

Via: macrumors