iPhone SE Gets Cheaper: BOE Wins OLED Supply Deal

Rumors have long circulated that BOE and Samsung were vying for Apple’s fourth-generation iPhone SE OLED panel orders. Given that this device is positioned as a relatively low-cost product, securing more affordable screens has emerged as Apple’s primary objective, a decision that significantly influences the product’s final retail price.

According to a report by ZDNet Korea, BOE, with its competitive pricing advantage, has triumphed over Samsung in this contest, potentially securing its position as the exclusive OLED panel supplier for Apple’s fourth-generation iPhone SE. Samsung was initially considered a contender to supply OLED panels for the device alongside BOE but failed to finalize an agreement with Apple.

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It is understood that Apple set a target price of $25 for the OLED panels of the fourth-generation iPhone SE, whereas Samsung was unwilling to lower its price below $30. Previous reports indicated that BOE’s quotation ranged between $30 to $40 but possibly included some flexible discounting that appeared to satisfy Apple. Tianma Microelectronics also sought to establish a business relationship with Apple but quoted $40, higher than both Samsung and BOE and is likely to be disregarded by Apple as a result.

Industry insiders estimate that Apple plans to order approximately 15 million OLED panels for the fourth-generation iPhone SE. If the price is fixed at $25 per unit, the total order would amount to $375 million. Apple is known for its sensitivity to pricing; a price increase to $30 per unit would raise the order’s value to $450 million, incurring an additional cost of $75 million.

The fourth-generation iPhone SE is expected to debut in 2025, rumored to adopt a design language similar to that of the iPhone 14 and to feature a USB-C port.