Adobe GenStudio: AI Creates Your Ads for You

Adobe has unveiled a groundbreaking advertising tool named GenStudio, grounded in the Firefly artificial intelligence technology, tailored specifically for corporate branding and promotional needs. This innovative tool enables users to create marketing materials automatically generated by AI, ideally suited for content dissemination.

Currently, GenStudio is available in an internal testing phase, with a public launch anticipated later this year. Pricing for the service will vary based on the size and nature of the enterprise. Moreover, Adobe offers a structural reference tool, allowing users to upload reference images that serve as a basis for AI-generated content, thereby mitigating potential issues.

Adobe GenStudio

Additionally, Adobe has introduced a digital assistant service for corporate users, dubbed the Adobe Experience Platform AI Assistant. This service employs AI to address technical queries or assist enterprises in completing specific tasks.

Furthermore, Adobe has announced the availability of the Firefly service, which provides access to over twenty AI tools and API resources. This service facilitates the execution of various image material adjustments via AI and integrates the Experience Cloud service workflows and analytics with the Copilot service in collaboration with Microsoft. This integration enables enterprises to simplify the creation of promotional content through the Copilot service.

Adobe emphasizes that content generated through the Firefly tool is exceedingly secure, trained on Adobe Stock images, openly licensed content, and public domain material, thus obviating copyright infringement concerns.