Apple is rumored to add three small cameras to iPhone 16 Ultra to work with Vision Pro

Recently, Apple unveiled its latest generation iPhone 15 series smartphones, which have now graced the market. The epicenter of speculation and leaks regarding the iPhone has progressively shifted to next year’s models. Rumors suggest the premier model might transition from the “Pro Max” designation to “Ultra,” indicating Apple might be harboring some avant-garde visions for the future.

According to a report from Wccftech, in addition to its standard cameras, the iPhone 16 Ultra might feature three petite camera modules, forming a compact camera cluster tailored to complement the use of the Vision Pro mixed-reality headset. With refined enhancements, the iPhone 16 Ultra is poised to pair harmoniously with Vision Pro, relaying video content with minimal latency. This camera cluster is designed to project everything witnessed by the iPhone directly onto the headset, amplifying the user experience manifold.

Moreover, the American version may incorporate a switch to activate the millimeter-wave mode, enabling users to toggle to sub-6GHz bands, thus optimizing power conservation. This feature might materialize on the Action button, which initially debuted on this year’s iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max. After all, introducing an entirely new button solely for a novel feature would seem superfluous.

Insider whispers suggest that next year’s entire iPhone 16 fleet will be equipped with Wi-Fi 7 capabilities, promising swifter wireless speeds coupled with diminished latency. Concurrently, the quintessential iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Plus are anticipated to undergo display enhancements, boasting a refresh rate escalated to 120Hz and embracing svelter bezels. There’s a murmur that the iPhone 16 Pro will undergo a “significant metamorphosis”, though the intricate specifics remain cloaked in mystery for now.