Apache Kylin 2.2.0 release, Extreme OLAP Engine for Big Data


Apache Kylin™ is an open source Distributed Analytics Engine designed to provide SQL interface and multi-dimensional analysis (OLAP) on Hadoop supporting extremely large datasets, originally contributed from eBay Inc.

Apache Kylin™ lets you query massive dataset at sub-second latency in 3 steps.

  1. Identify a Star Schema on Hadoop.
  2. Build Cube from the identified tables.
  3. Query with ANSI-SQL and get results in sub-second, via ODBC, JDBC or RESTful API.
Apache Kylin - Extreme OLAP Engine for Big Data
Apache Kylin


– Extremely Fast OLAP Engine at Scale: 

Kylin is designed to reduce query latency on Hadoop for 10+ billions of rows of data

– ANSI SQL Interface on Hadoop: 

Kylin offers ANSI SQL on Hadoop and supports most ANSI SQL query functions

– Interactive Query Capability: 

Users can interact with Hadoop data via Kylin at sub-second latency, better than Hive queries for the same dataset

– MOLAP Cube:

User can define a data model and pre-build in Kylin with more than 10+ billions of raw data records

– Seamless Integration with BI Tools:

Kylin currently offers integration capability with BI Tools like Tableau, PowerBI, and Excel. Integration with Microstrategy is coming soon

– Other Highlights: 

– Job Management and Monitoring
– Compression and Encoding Support
– Incremental Refresh of Cubes
– Leverage HBase Coprocessor for query latency
– Both approximate and precise Query Capabilities for Distinct Count
– Approximate Top-N Query Capability
– Easy Web interface to manage, build, monitor and query cubes
– Security capability to set ACL at Cube/Project Level
– Support LDAP and SAML Integration

Apache Kylin v2.2.0 was released. This is a major release after 2.1, with over 70 bug fixes and improvements:

New feature

  • [KYLIN-2703] – Manage ACL through Apache Ranger
  • [KYLIN-2752] – Make HTable name prefix configurable
  • [KYLIN-2761] – Table Level ACL
  • [KYLIN-2775] – Streaming Cube Sample


  • [KYLIN-2535] – Use ResourceStore to manage ACL files
  • [KYLIN-2604] – Use global dict as the default encoding for precise distinct count in web
  • [KYLIN-2606] – Only return counter for precise count_distinct if query is exactAggregate

Fix bugs:

  • [KYLIN-1794] – Enable job list even some job metadata parsing failed
  • [KYLIN-2600] – Incorrectly set the range start when filtering by the minimum value
  • [KYLIN-2705] – Allow removing model’s “partition_date_column” on web


Reference: kylin.apache.org

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