September 30, 2020

1Password for Linux is available for testing

2 min read

1Password officially announced this week that it will launch a Linux version this year, and it has now entered the public preview stage. This popular password management software is compatible with multiple platforms such as Mac, iOS, Windows and Android, and can also be integrated with various browsers such as Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and realizes automatic filling, password saving, and management, etc. But only lack of support for the Linux platform.

As early as 2010, users put forward the need for local Linux support in the 1Password official forum, and this discussion lasted for nearly two years. Most Linux users try to use 1Password through Wine, but the experience is always short. In 2017, this work has been some progress. Now three years later, the Linux desktop version is finally on the agenda.

The development team called it a “real Linux application” designed to meet the performance needs of Linux users while ensuring security. The backend of 1Password for Linux is completely written in Rust. UI components are based on React.

The preview version mainly brings these features:

  • Simple and secure installs using apt and dnf packager managers 📦
  • Automatic Dark Mode selection based on your GTK theme 🌓
  • Open network locations (FTP, SSH, SMB) 🌍
  • Tiling window manager support and descriptive window titles 🏠
  • Unlock with your Linux user account, including biometrics ☝️
  • System tray icon for staying unlocked while closed 📌
  • X11 clipboard integration and clearing ✂️
  • Keyboard shortcuts ⌨️
  • Data export ✈️
  • Unlock multiple accounts with different passwords 🔐
  • Create collections to organize data across accounts and vaults 🎯

The apt and rpm packages of Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, Fedora, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux are all officially maintained.