Wed. Feb 26th, 2020

US warns that hackers affect the flight safety of an aircraft

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The Department of Homeland Security recently issued a warning that the aircraft’s CANA (ControllerArea Network) was found to lack security.

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It is understood that the CAN bus is a central network that helps each component in the device exchange data, and is often installed in vehicles, airplanes and other vehicles. Experts say that an attacker can connect the device directly to the CAN bus component of the aircraft and use that bus to inject false data. After entering false data, hackers can manipulate various readings including engine telemetry readings, compass and attitude data, altitude, speed and angle of attack to mislead the pilot. Because the pilot is unable to discern false and normal readings, the hacker’s behavior may eventually lead to the aircraft getting out of control.

CISA recommends that the owner of the aircraft should prevent strangers from approaching the aircraft as much as possible, and aircraft manufacturers should also check the CAN bus to prevent similar events from occurring. In addition, CISA also reminds relevant agencies to conduct appropriate impact analysis and risk assessment before deploying defense measures.

Via: apnews