September 27, 2020

The AOSP repository have been cleaned up: Music, Calendar, and Calculator

1 min read

AOSP (Android Open Source Project) brings some applications by default, but as time goes by, the ecosystem of Android has matured, and many alternative applications have emerged in the community, and these application functions are often richer.

AOSP comes with an app that is positioned as part of the platform to provide functional support for other Android apps. After comprehensive consideration, Google began to streamline some of the AOSP’s own applications from the end of last year. Three applications have been cleaned up, including music players, calendars, and calculators.

According to AOSP Application Updates, Raman Tenneti, AOSP Software Engineer, and Ally Sillins, AOSP Program Manager wrote,

“as the Android ecosystem has matured over time, we’ve noticed a healthy growth of alternative applications – both as open source and proprietary implementations – developed by the developer community. These alternative applications are not only capable to serve the first two purposes, but often times showcase richer set of features demonstrating the power of Android. Late last year, we began to clean up these applications in AOSP to focus more effectively on the last purpose — their role to provide functionality to other Android applications as part of the platform.”