Tue. Jul 14th, 2020

The airplane mode is turned on in the Android 11 do not shut down Bluetooth audio

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The current mainstream operating systems disable Bluetooth by default when Airplane Mode is turned on. Wireless networks and cellular network connections are also disabled. The same approach is used for Windows 10, iOS, and Android, but it seems that these practices are now outdated and need to be fixed as soon as possible. Originally turning on the airplane mode and disabling various connections was mainly to prevent wireless communication from interfering with the aircraft. Now many airlines no longer require users to shut down Bluetooth and wireless networks.

When the Android system is connected to a Bluetooth device, Bluetooth will also be disconnected directly when the airplane mode is turned on, which may be more troublesome for business people who often fly on airplanes. Because connected Bluetooth audio devices may need to be reconnected to continue listening to songs, Google has improved the Bluetooth settings in the latest Android source code.

Android 10

The source code shows:

Do not automatically turn off Bluetooth when airplane mode is turned on and Bluetooth is in one of the following situations:

Bluetooth A2DP is connected.
Bluetooth Hearing Aid profile is connected.

In any of the above situations, the device will not disconnect Bluetooth after turning on the airplane mode, so that turning on the airplane mode will not interfere with users using hearing aids or headphones. However, at this stage, the above source code has not been incorporated into AOSP, so this function is likely to be implemented in the Android 11 R version that will be released next year.

Via: XDA