September 22, 2020

Qualcomm launches new processor for ARM desktop platform

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Qualcomm announced the launch of the Snapdragon 7c/8c processors at the Snapdragon Technology Summit held recently. These processors are all launched for notebook computers. This is also part of the cooperation between Qualcomm and Microsoft to launch Windows 10 ARM devices. Qualcomm hopes to challenge Intel’s dominance on the desktop platform. Qualcomm and Microsoft’s goal is to turn laptops into smartphones, turn them on immediately without shutting down, and support cellular data to always connect to cellular networks.

The overall performance of the Snapdragon 7c/8c launched by Qualcomm is lower than 8cx, but this is intentional of Qualcomm because Qualcomm believes that the performance does not need to be that high. The reasons given by Qualcomm are as follows: ARM laptops are mainly for light office and education, and the ability to always connect and maintain battery life is the most important for a mobile office. In short, the goal of Qualcomm is mainly that the education market focuses on low prices and long battery life, and the education group has really low-performance requirements.

Snapdragon 8cx 5G

Qualcomm’s intention after adjusting its strategic direction is to use these lower-performance processors to build entry-level devices. The market for entry-level devices is large and price sensitive. Qualcomm said the new Snapdragon 7c processor has 25% higher performance, twice the endurance, and X15 LTE network compared to competitors’ entry-level devices. Based on the 7nm process, the 8c processor has a 30% increase in performance compared to the Snapdragon 850. The X24 LTE network chip can provide a faster network and save power. In terms of graphics processing, Qualcomm provides Qualcomm Adreno 618 series GPUs to provide powerful performance, which can fully meet the needs of thin and light devices.

Qualcomm announced that it will update the Snapdragon 8cx processor and use a 7-nanometer process to build an enterprise computing platform. The processor is mainly targeted at enterprise users with higher performance requirements. The company said that enterprise customers can take advantage of the processor’s excellent performance and cooperate with security software to bring powerful computing power while having a secure environment for use.

Via: theverge