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Microsoft Bing GPT-4

Microsoft Offered to Sell Bing to Apple in 2018

Within the context of the United States Department of Justice’s lawsuit against Google for alleged market monopolization, documents highlight that Microsoft approached Apple no fewer than six times between 2009 and 2020, suggesting that...

Microsoft Bing GPT-4

Microsoft confirms that the the new Bing runs on OpenAI’s GPT-4

Following OpenAI’s official announcement of the cutting-edge GPT-4 language model, Microsoft swiftly declared that the new Bing search service has integrated this advanced artificial intelligence technology. Contrasting the prior version, which incorporated GPT-3.5, Microsoft...

AI-powered Microsoft Bing

Microsoft announces bringing AI to Bing and Edge

Although search engines can help you find a lot of useful information, the prerequisite for them to be effective is naturally to pick out reasonable keywords. If you enter a long question into it,...