Microsoft announces bringing AI to Bing and Edge

Although search engines can help you find a lot of useful information, the prerequisite for them to be effective is naturally to pick out reasonable keywords. If you enter a long question into it, you will get a useless result. Obviously, this is different from the way most people think. In order to make the search engine more useful and the Internet experience better, Microsoft recently announced that it will add AI to Bing and Edge.

By combining AI with the Bing search engine, users can now find what they want directly in chat. For example, if you want to make a travel plan, you only need to talk to the AI, and the AI ​​can give straightforward suggestions, and give the corresponding reference sources and useful answers above.

The AI ​​is also integrated into Edge, and you can call out the AI ​​from Edge’s sidebar, chat with it, and ask it to write for you. AI can analyze data, for example, obtain summaries from financial statements, and compare them with other companies reports and output tables. In terms of copywriting, AI can also understand the content of web pages and output corresponding copywriting according to user requirements.

Microsoft said that the AI ​​is a new next-generation OpenAI large-scale natural language processing model, which is stronger than the current ChatGPT and is specialized for search engines. It runs on Microsoft’s Azure cloud service. Microsoft also developed the Prometheus model to better integrate OpenAI with Bing.

At present, the Bing search integrated with AI is still available to a small number of users in the preview version. Microsoft announced that they are working hard and hope that tens of millions of users can enjoy the convenience brought by AI in the next few weeks.