Firefox browser is testing to set Microsoft Bing as the default search

Firefox is currently being tested for some users. The test changes the default search engine of Firefox from Google to Microsoft Bing.

Relevant information can be found by querying the official website of Mozilla. Since September 6, 2021, Mozilla will conduct search engine adjustment tests for some users.

This test will continue until January 2022 to collect user feedback as much as possible. It is certainly not a bad thing for Mozilla to test in advance.

The contract between Mozilla and Google expires in 2023. In view of the declining market share of the Firefox browser, Google may lower the price for negotiations.

Mozilla does not have its own search engine, and the main source of income for the entire Mozilla is to provide traffic sharing through the default search of the Firefox browser.

In the past, the default search engine of Firefox used to be Yahoo search, but after Yahoo’s major privacy issues, Firefox directly switched it to Google search.

For Google, Firefox can still contribute traffic, but as Firefox’s share declines, Google may lower prices and reduce traffic costs.

For Microsoft, the situation is different. Microsoft is now vigorously promoting its own search engine, but Bing’s share has not yet increased significantly.

If you can reach cooperate with Mozilla, it is naturally desirable for Microsoft. After all, it is the most important thing for Microsoft to increase its market share as soon as possible.

Therefore, Microsoft may pay more traffic sharing fees than Google. This may be the reason why Mozilla decided to test and adjust the search engine in advance.

Currently, the users included in the test account for 1% of the total number of users of Firefox, which means that the default search engine of this 1% user may be modified by Mozilla.

These modifications are adjusted through the back-end server, but users can also modify the default search engine in the settings according to their actual needs.

Via: ghacks