Google uses Material You design language to redesign the Google Translate app

The key content of the Android 12 system is the Material You design language. Google has redesigned many applications in the system to adapt to the new version of Android.

Microsoft and Google seem to be doing the same. Windows 11 also adjusted the interface, and Microsoft has recently been busy updating the system’s built-in applications.

Google is still busy nearing the release of the official version of Android 12. The latest version of the Material You design language update is the Android version of Google Translate.

The new version of the Google Translate application has not changed much in terms of functions, but after adopting the new design language, Google Translate has become very colorful and the interface is more beautiful.

Google’s new Material You design language includes reading colors from the wallpaper set by the user, and these colors will also be matched to other applications for matching.

Although there are no significant changes in functionality, Google also optimized the one-handed operation during the redesign so that users can more easily touch the buttons.

The dynamic theme function can now also be used in conversation. This function can listen to and translate the language in real-time and output it, which is suitable for travelers to use for translation.

However, it seems that the new version of Google Translate has not yet been completed, and some functions such as recent translation history are missing. These still require subsequent version changes by Google.

Via: 9to5google