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Intel Alder Lake AVX-512

Intel intends to fuse off AVX-512 on Alder Lake products

Regarding the support of the AVX-512 instruction set by Intel’s 12th-generation Core processors, it is actually quite confusing. There are Golden Cove and Gracemont cores in the Alder Lake processor, of which Golden Cove...

Intel Alder Lake developer guide

Some old games may not run on Intel Alder Lake

Previously, Intel released a new game development guide, allowing game developers to better optimize the new generation big.LITTLE hybrid architecture of the Alder Lake processor. In this guide, Intel explains in great depth and...

Intel Alder Lake Windows 11

U.S. retailer reveals Intel Alder Lake processor price

At the beginning of this month, I reported some price situations of Intel Alder Lake-S processors in the US and Europe. The first 12th-generation Core series processors are expected to include six products: Core...